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Clinical trials

The Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF) offers all patients and their relatives quick and uncomplicated access to scientifically sound information and the latest treatment options.

This includes the promotion of clinical study groups for implementation in the quality of care. At the BZKF, cross-site working groups develop preclinical models based on experimental results in order to prepare clinical trials, among other things. Cross-site clinical study groups take over the implementation of the clinical trials, with the fast integration of new knowledge into the day-to-day care of the company.

The existing clinical units for the implementation and investigation of the latest cancer treatments, so-called Early Clinical Trial Units (ECTU), which already exist at some BZKF locations, will be further expanded in Bavaria in the near future at all six university locations. This enables the BZKF to have access to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods throughout Bavaria, in particular participation in clinical trials. Knowing the latest studies can be crucial for those affected: cancer patients whose treatment is carried out in the context of clinical trials are given special intensive care. In addition, they will have early access to innovative therapies that are not available elsewhere. In the study registers of the six BZKF locations, interested parties can search for ongoing studies on their tumor disease. Clinical studies provide new insights into the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. Support therapies, such as the treatment of side effects, the use of integrative methods or the psycho-oncological care of cancer patients, can also be optimised thanks to clinical studies.

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