The Comprehensive Cancer Centers at the six Bavarian university locations form the basis for the Bavarian Centre for Cancer Research: Augsburg, Erlangen, Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians- Universität und Technische Universität), Regensburg and Würzburg as well as the university hospitals assigned to them.

These are certified oncology centres that operate according to clinical structural and quality guidelines of the German Cancer Societyand have the necessary scientific structures of top oncology centres. This ensures that all tumour patients in the Free State of Bavaria are treated and treated nationwide according to uniform, high quality standards. By pooling the expertise within the framework of the Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF), every citizen in Bavaria has access to the most modern and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures – regardless of which district of Bavaria they come from.

If you are looking for the right contact person at your home university hospital or would like to get a second opinion, use the free citizen’s phone 0800 85 100 80. Our staff will be happy to help you!
Further information on the Bavarian Comprehensive Cancer Center can be found here:

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