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Thanks to new diagnostics and treatment options, the chances of survival of those affected have increased significantly in many cancers – but cancer is still the leading cause of death. In order to be successful against cancer, a collaboration of all researchers at the university BZKF sites is essential. Only in combination can the fight against cancer be further advanced for the benefit of patients in Bavaria. According to Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn on the launch of the “National Decade Against Cancer” in 2019 “[…] we need to do even better in research. And we want to bring the results of cancer research to the hospital even faster. This is why close integration of research and care is so important […]” the Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF) has set itself one of the primary goals of patient-related research.

In order to transfer the results of basic research into new forms of therapy and thus into clinical application (translation), the following instruments are currently in place:

In the course of the implementation of these groups and in the implementation of the research projects, attention is paid to cross-site and highly networked structures. The research topics and focal points of the BZKF address current questions of cancer medicine and take into account both adult and child tumor diseases. The Bavarian Cancer Registry provides a valuable basis for the implementation of supply research and epidemiological research and is thus one of the most important partner institutions for cancer research and care of the Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF). According to the Bavarian Cancer Registry Act ( BayKRegG, of 7 March 2017 ), doctors are obliged to report cancers to the Bavarian Cancer Registry. This means that all malignant neo-formations and their early forms are covered throughout Bavaria. By registering cancers in a central register, it is possible to find out more about the causes and development of cancers. The Bavarian Cancer Registry thus contributes to quality assurance in care.

Further information can be found here, as well as in the information brochure on cancer registration ”LGL – Bavarian Cancer Registry.

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