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The survival of each individual cancer patient is determined by the use of the best possible diagnostics and optimal therapy. Access to the latest technological and molecular diagnostics as well as new treatment options is often crucial in the course of the disease.

In view of the increasing incidence of cancer, in order to offer all citizens in Bavaria targeted diagnosis and therapy according to the latest standards and thus the best possible chances of cure, the Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF) has set itself one of the first goals to use innovative approaches quickly and effectively from the research laboratories and development departments of the University Hospitals for the diagnosis and therapy in the clinical field for the benefit of the patient. For this purpose, one of the working groups in the BZKF network deals exclusively with the topic “Molecular Diagnostics“. The aim is to be able to provide uniform molecular diagnostics in the pathological departments at all six university hospitals.

In so-called molecular tumor boards, experts from various disciplines discuss together the best treatment options according to the latest state of medical science and the currently valid guidelines. The BZKF network aims to standardize the procedures in the molecular tumor conferences, so that every patient can be able to achieve equally targeted, personalized molecular diagnostics and therapy throughout Bavaria.

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