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Bavaria-wide oncological radiology network

In the BZKF BORN-project, for the first time, the collection of health data is standardized, structured and process-oriented from the very beginning in order to create a globally unique data basis for the development of image-based biomarkers and AI machine learning methods.


As the first project of this magnitude, BORN will establish a secure IT-based network structure with the goal of harmonizing and standardizing imaging-based data collection, including structured and standardized reporting of findings, and thus uniformly collect and evaluate imaging data sets in oncological diseases. BORN complements the Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF) with a networking component that supports the joint standardization, evaluation and establishment of quantitative, image-based biomarkers. BORN will build on structures established during the Covid 19 pandemic in university radiology (RACOON). In particular, large standardized data sets are a prerequisite for the establishment of AI applications, whereby the data is to remain decentralized in the individual clinics. Together with the company Brainlab AG and its subsidiary Mint Medical GmbH, the project partners are developing and establishing uniform, structured and standardized diagnostic reports in oncological imaging in the six Bavarian university hospitals for initially six tumor types.

This will create a data basis that can be used by scientists, but also by medical device manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry.



In a further step, the examination strategies developed in the BZKF BORN-project are to be transferred to other hospitals and radiology practices – so that patients throughout Bavaria can benefit from them.