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Added value and objectives of the BZKF

“Strengthening Excellence – Sharing Knowledge”

Photo Bernd Sibler, Minister of State for Science and the Arts (Image source: @StMWK)

Photo Bernd Sibler, Minister of State for Science and the Arts (Image source: @StMWK)

“With the new centre, we are ushering in a new era for the treatment of cancer patients,” emphasized Science Minister Bernd Sibler on the occasion of the signing of the cooperation agreement in November 2019, “The application of the latest research results in clinical practice and the direct access of information to the population can improve prevention and early detection. We hope to reduce the overall cancer incidence and mortality in Bavaria.”


The aim of the research centres, which are supported by all six Bavarian university hospitals and their universities, is to transfer the findings of basic research to the care structure without delay for the benefit of patients and society.


With the foundation of the BZKF, the expertise of the six Bavarian University Hospitals sites will be pooled and the resulting top-level care will be made accessible to patients at all locations. The aim is that the expertise is used by all partners via the BZKF network and that multiple developments are avoided. In doing so, the individual BZKF sites, in close coordination with each other, are further expanding specialized and internationally visible research infrastructures on various issues in cancer treatment.


For example, in the treatment of rare cancers, with a rapidly accessible networked knowledge of diagnosisand treatment options, a greater chance of healing is achieved. Through the BZKF, cancer patients will be able to participate in early clinical trials in the future and benefit from new unapproved treatment options – regardless of which university clinic is in their vicinity.


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