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The support groups of the Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF) aim to help people after their cancer diagnosis and improve their quality of life. They are disease-related groups and members support each other through the commonality of “the cancer disease” by providing information and exchanging experiences. The listed support groups are open to everyone and the meetings are free of charge and timely.

  • open and in-depth conversations
    (to overcome fears and uncertainties in everyday life and to develop new life perspectives, give company in difficult life situations, etc.)
  • mutual exchange of experiences
  • helpful and comprehensive information
    (tips, hints, addresses, practical help, etc.)
  • help and referrals to specialist institutions (other social and/or medical institutions, pastoral care, etc.)

Do you need help finding an address or do you have questions about cancer? Contact us by calling our free PublicCancerHotline (0800 – 85 100 80) or email us at We are happy to help!

General information

The Bavaria-wide directory of support groups of the BZKF does not claim to be complete. The BZKF cannot evaluate the functioning of individual support groups. The BZKF reserves the right to decide who will be included in its directory of psychosocial cancer counseling centers. There is no legal right for acceptance.

Contact for changes or inclusion in the directory

You are an active support group and have questions about the criteria for inclusion in the directory or would like to report a change to your existing entry: Just email us at