Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy Program
Molekulare Diagnostik und Therapieprogramm

In order to meet the growing importance of precision oncological diagnostics and therapy, a “Molecular TumorBoard – MTB” was established at the CCC München LMU in 2016. In the meantime, the MTB forms the “Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy Program” together with the clinical cooperation partners. In addition to the core team of the CCC München LMU, more than 15 clinics and institutes participate in the “Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy Program” with a team of more than 40 colleagues.

In recent years, a significant increase in the number of cases discussed has been observed, so that in 2020 almost 600 cases in the MTB were discussed and in about 40 of the cases a clinical therapy recommendation could be recommended on the basis of the molecular signature.

In order to provide our patients with access to innovative therapeutics, the “Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy Program” is characterized by close interlinking with the clinical study groups of the CCC München LMU. Especially in the field of molecular-stratified studies (CUP syndrome) and histology-agnostic basket studies (e.g. IDH1, KRas, RET, BRCAness) promising concepts were recently established here. In addition, patients of the MTB benefit from the provision of human or tumor genetic advice from the CCC München LMU in order to adequately diagnose possible familial or genetic tumor syndromes and to be able to provide appropriate advice to patients.

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