BZKF Annual Report 2022
BZKF Jahresbericht 2022

In the Bavarian Cancer Research Center (BZKF), the six Bavarian university hospitals and their respective universities have joined forces to form a strong alliance. Since 2019, the BZKF has been pursuing the goal of bringing innovative therapeutic approaches from cancer research into clinical application as quickly as possible.

Andreras Mackensen, Director des BZKF

Cancer patients in the Free State of Bavaria are to be provided with the best possible therapy based on the latest scientific knowledge. Following our motto, “Strengthening excellence – sharing knowledge”, the BZKF bundles the scientific expertise of the university locations Augsburg, Erlangen, LMU and TU Munich, Regensburg and Würzburg in the field of cancer research.

In this annual report, you will get an insight into the developments of the BZKF in the third year of funding by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts. Our sincere thanks go to the Bavarian State Government, which generously supported us even in the crisis year of 2022, so that we could continue to advance the development of the BZKF.

BZKF Annual Report 2022

Prof. Dr. Andreas Mackensen
Director of the Bavarian Cancer
Research Center (BZKF)