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Interdisciplinary unit for early clinical trials

In order to develop modern and safe medicines and therapies for patients with haematological and oncological diseases, intensive clinical trials are required in addition to innovative preclinical research. These studies in the early clinical stages of drug development are essentially only feasible in specialized facilities in highly specialized hospitals. The working group headed by Prof. Ralf Bargou (University Hospital Würzburg) wants to advance these very early clinical studies at the six Bavarian university hospitals as a first step by harmonizing the contract system for the conduct of studies.

Optimizing access to innovative treatment options for cancer patients in Bavaria by connecting the Early Clinical Trial Units (ECTUs) at the 6 Bavarian university hospitals.


Activities & Achievements

The development of new drugs and cancer therapies is based on innovative preclinical research and clinical testing. Trials of drug development in early clinical phases can only be realized in special facilities of highly specialized hospitals. The main goal of the working group is improved communication and close cooperation between the Early Clinical Trial Units located at all 6 university sites of the BZKF. Sharing experiences and know-how in regular meetings will lead to professionalization and further advancement in the ECTUs of all BZKF sites. The utilization of existing structures (biobanks, molecular diagnostics, GMP facilities, etc.) will ensure broad and comprehensive access to innovative treatment concepts for patients, cooperation partners and physicians.

The primary aim of the ECTU network at the BZKF is to improve patient access to innovative tumor therapy, to design a common trial/study portfolio, and to harmonize and improve the recruitment activities for these early clinical trials.

Through close cross-clinical collaboration in early clinical trials, we aim to accelerate the development of new, effective and safe therapies and to optimize the tolerability of these new therapies.
We consider the increase in quality of life and the well-being of our patients to be our central goals. By bundling expertise and building up the necessary infrastructures in a complementary manner, we want to ensure that all tumor patients in Bavaria are able to receive the best possible cancer treatment close to home, in accordance with the latest scientific findings and uniformly high quality standards.

Long-term goals at all BZKF sites

  • Access for all tumor patients to innovative clinical therapies and new therapeutic approaches
  • Harmonization of treatment procedures according to uniform quality standards (SOPs)
  • Establishment of a common study portfolio
  • Expansion of existing structures to a interdisciplinary ECTU „Core Facility“ with sufficient resources
  • Establishment of a network-wide Protocol Review Board
  • Development of a Study Nurse Network

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Prof. Dr. Ralf C. Bargou, Universitätsklinikum Würzburg


Annette Horn, ECTU-Coordinator BZKF, Universitätsklinikum Würzburg

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