Center for Oligometastatic Cancers

The ICCA at the University Hospital Augsburg has a special interdisciplinary special team for cancer patients whose tumours have already spread, but only in a few places (oligometastatic cancer).

For this particular disease situation, the treatment strategy has changed considerably in recent years due to the further developments in oncology: whereas in earlier situations only symptom-relieving or disease-prolonging therapy was often possible, today in this oligo-metastatic disease stage, many patients with modern procedures are seeking a cure. This has been made possible by various developments. On the one hand, it has been recognized that many patients in this oligo-metastatic phase of the disease actually have only the few visible and not many more, invisible tumor herds at the time of the examination. This means that if this herd is completely removed by modern procedures, the disease may be cured. With ever finer and technically supported surgical procedures, even the smallest or problematic tumor sours can be surgically removed. This also applies to the increasingly differentiated irradiation and interventional radiological techniques. This can be supplemented by so-called systemic therapies with modern tumor drugs or nuclear medicine.

Which of the procedures is used in the individual patient is assessed by an experienced interdisciplinary team and determined together with the patient. In certain oligometastatic cancers, patients can thus gain a cure or at least many pain-free years of life. For more information